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Yujia Wong
recommend some books that make you think deeply I myself like books about humanities, so it would be better if anyone can recommend some of this type of books to me. Thanks!!
2016년 8월 21일 오전 3:13
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PS - a person THINKS DEEP when she wants to SOLVE A PROBLEM. If you look onto a single object for one hour or more, you will notice things that were not immediately evident. If you want to drink tea, you have to make water boil.

2016년 8월 21일
Hi, I have enjoyed a lot a book by D. Lapierre / L. Collins "Freedom at Midnight", about M. Gandhi and the Independence of India and Pakistan. It is a thick book; but it is written very intense and involving.
2016년 8월 21일
haha I already read it in Chinese translation when I was little. I prefer books like The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Painted Veil, Half The Sky, Flappers and Philosophers, The Kite Runner and some short stories written by O Henry. Maybe you could name some classic (or modern) and I'll try to see whether they're available in Chinese translation??
2016년 8월 21일

Much classic [and some modern] writing could make you think deeply, though many may not be available in Chinese translation.

Try  'The Secret Garden'  by Frances Hodgson Burnett, ostensibly a children's novel, which you could read in English.

2016년 8월 21일

I'd love to but I'm also an English learner lol. We could help each other :)

2016년 8월 21일
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