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Luiza Mourão
Moving to New Hampshire Hello everybody!
I might be moving to NH to stay 3 months, on the very beginning of December until March, so I would like to know what should I do there, cool places to visit, beautiful landscapes for photography and what else more you could indicate to me.
And I want to know if the locals are receptive with foreigner people, considering that I'm Brazilian and I have intermediate english
All the best!
Aug 21, 2016 6:21 AM
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August 21, 2016
I’m sure everyone will welcome you with open arms. The only thing I’d advise you to prepare for is the cold weather. It’ll definitely be freezing when you arrive in December. When I say freezing, I mean below zero centigrade. If the temperature actually warms up to zero, the local people will think it’s hot — I kid you not. I’d suggest bringing warm clothes, and extra money to buy appropriate clothes once you’ve arrived and gotten the lay of the land.

To get the lay of the land — to familiarize yourself with local conditions.
August 21, 2016
Luiza Mourão
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