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Who can tell me how to sell the led track lighting? I am a salesman. I sell the led track lighting .we are original supplier.we specialize in track lights in present the business is low and the competition is crazy! I want to find some new customers.would you tell me how to do?  
Aug 21, 2016 8:49 AM
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Well, I have no idea as I don't belong to that field but still I can try 

So as led consume less electricity,so it is good for the middle-class people,so you have to target them first because they calculate each penny and it is a positive thing for you.

You can start by taking a survey or you can take your products to an area where it can be noticed by the people more so that you can get more customer and if you can convince them by pointing out some advantages of your product against the one they are using,then that is your day:)

So try to think not big but small plans as it is affordable to execute and easy to handle even if alone.And those really works as in my place people comes with their products to marketplaces and they do really able to make a good customer around them.

 You can think even better.So just try with simple one.

Please pardon me if these are some silly and stupid ideas:)

Thank you:)

August 21, 2016
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