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Raúl Spain
How to do an effective Spanish-English language exchange
"I imagine there are many people in a similar situation, asking themselves:  What can I speak about with my language exchange?  How can we plan for our language exchanges to be effective?

Are you in a similar situation? Do your language exchanges suck? If so, please continue reading. 
I will explain a very simple formula, through which -following only four steps- you will obtain remarkable results with your language exchange."
                                                                   Mónica, profesora de inglés y autora del blog "El blog para aprender inglés"

This is the link in English :
This is the link in Spanish :

Saludos desde Madrid ;)
Aug 21, 2016 2:10 PM
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I have read through the English version. Although in my case, I want to do Chinese-English or Chinese-Spanish exchange, I feel that I can still learn a lot from it. It does address the problem that sometimes I don't know what to focus then language exchange becomes ineffective. I'll recommend this article to my friends. Thank you.
August 21, 2016
Raúl Spain
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