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Jonas Antunes
To and For Hello, guys! Do you know the difference between "to" and "for"? I'm a Brazilian and I just can't see many differences between these prepositions. Can you guys help me?
Aug 21, 2016 2:23 PM
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you  can memorize some example school,for lunch ,     to you equle for you,to ls stress more on this act but for is the result
August 21, 2016

Hi Jonas.  It is really case, by case, but one difference is that you "do something for someone", while you "give or deliver something to someone".  I think for is used more when something is being created for someone or something, while to is more about something being derived or traveling to somewhere.  

I hope this was helpful.  If you would like more examples and a more in-depth explanation, sign up for my tutoring lessons.


Jacobo The Teacher

August 21, 2016

hi there!
Use "to" when there is some kind of transfer happening or something is being moved from one place to another. "To" expresses direction.

"We went from the restaurant to the party."

"Talk to your teacher and get more information about the exam."

"I go to the office every morning at 9am."

"He sold his car to me for $5,000."

 Use "for" when something is being done to benefit something or someone else.

"I bought this gift for you." 

August 21, 2016
Jonas Antunes
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