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Anderson Moura
First steps on French ...
Hi everyone! ... I've just started learning French and, honestly I'm kinda lost yet hehe... I was wondering to start by a text book or a basic grammar book, cause that's the way I think most work for me... so does anyone have any tip for me?
... but if u guys have something else to recommend to me, pls feel free to leave a comment below... any help is welcome!
2016年8月21日 15:46
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Hi Anderson, I'm a native French speaker so I don't know much about what textbooks are out there, but I highly recommend listening to as much material in French as you can assoon as you can. This includes watching tv, looking at youtube videos and listening to radio among other things. It may seem impossible to undedstand at first but before you know it you'll be picking up new words and getting a good intuitive feel of how sentences are put together. This intuition is especially important because French grammar takes a long time to master. A significant portion of french class is devoted to learning grammar all throughout elementary school and high school, even through university. Once you've got the intuition together you can string together more eloborate sentences without worrying about th egrammar as much.

I also recommend memoring the présent, passé, passé composé and futur verb tenses for être, avoir, -er and -ir verbs as soon as you can.  A beschrelle or the internet are good sources for those. Hope that helps.

I think the seven levels of Memrise French could be a good start for memorizing basic vocabulary, using good pronunciation and reading/listening comprehension :

Hi Anderson,

I agree with Emile that Memrise is helpful for learning vocab and some basic phrases. There are some sections that are not free, however, like listening. I have also used Duolingo quite a bit. This is free and includes listening and speaking and has both a website and phone app. This is broken down into different sections based on either vocabulary or verb tenses. Once you get some basics there are a lot of apps and websites where you can practice speaking and writing. I have recently discovered HelloTalk, which is a free phone app that allows you to chat with people around the world either through text or free phone/video calls. I'm not sure what would be best, as far as textbooks go, since I originally began learning french back in school. I think the book at the time was called Allons-y! but I'm not sure how good it really was. There are also Quick Study: Academic quick reference guides for grammar, vocabulary, conversation and verbs. These were nice to keep in my binders when I was first studying French in Middle/High school. I have the Bescherelle grammar book in French, but they also have them in English (as well as vocabulary, orthography, and conjugation). I have not used them much yet, but they look pretty good and Bescherelle also has a website that you can go on. Another website that I like is Here you can watch videos and take quizzes to check your understanding. It has things for all levels of French. There are so many websites like this one for speaking with native speakers, when you get comfortable enough with that. Good Luck!

Thank you so much!! 
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