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Trang Ng
What do you do when you feel powerless?

And hopeless?

I often be pushed into a powerless situation. I feel like myself is always so powerless at home, in front of my parents.

In those cases, after fighting back but no hope, I couldn't do anything but could only cry, cry so much, like now...

You know, I hate being weak, and I hate when people know I am that weak. I don't want to cry, I don't want to be so faint-hearted but I can't be strong, can't even pretend to be strong.

In tears, I often text to my close friend and tell him about my problems. He heard me cry once, he knows I am just a small and fragile soul. I only have him to share. If not him, maybe I will come back to my diary, when I am hopeless.

You, once, feel powerless in your life right?

Aug 21, 2016 4:24 PM
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  • Thùy

You are not powerless.

If you say what you want to say, then you have done as much as you can.

When young people live at home, the parents are in charge, they do have the power.

But later in life, when you are living on your own, away from your parents, you will have many opportunities to make your own decisions.

There is no good reason to cry. You must accept the fact that your parents have 'the power'.

Some day you will have the power.

(What I wrote is true in every country)

August 21, 2016
  • Thùy

Here is something to think about.

Being a parent is not an easy job. Actually, many parents do not know the right way to raise a child.

For example: my father was very strict and sometimes he said mean things to me and sometimes hit me very hard.

I thought about why he was like that.

My conclusion was that he cared about me and wanted me to be smart and careful and do the rights things and not get into trouble.

I did not like his methods, but I realized that I was very lucky because he cared a lot about me... some parents don't care about their children.

I understood that he wanted me to succeed... his method was wrong... but I was lucky because he cared about me... so I did not get angry at him because he was doing his best to be a good parent.

August 27, 2016

I completely agree with @Richard and @Erwin has written a very nice saying which is very true in its sense.

In my opinion, whoever was born on this Earth, s/he was born successful and born powerful.It's only the belief and confidence that realise us about that. This world doesn't work in one equation as we come across many situations which make us happy and also sometimes breaks us by making sad.But that does define us less powerful.An enormous amount of power is there inside an atom which is not visible to us.And we are the most beautiful and finest and charismatic creation of God,so how we can be powerless??Right?

So,just feel powerful and don't worry about the situations as they are like the guests in our everyday life who come and go, so we just have to welcome them even if we are not comfortable with them.

And yes,I don't think crying makes someone less powerful.Crying signifies how innocent, how responsive and how sweet or polite  a person is.And not everyone has this boon.So you are lucky:)

And lastly, to be strong you don't have to pretend.Just believe in yourself and just be confident even if you are nervous.You have this inside you so just rekindle it and all universe is yours.

Please correct me if I'm wrong somewhere.Thank you.Keep smiling:)

August 21, 2016

Yes, I have felt powerless and hopeless.  The pain from it can feel heavy, like the weight of a sea bearing down on you.  And the pain from it is real; it can make your whole body tense.  I've wanted to scream and cry in the past, and sometimes I have. 

If you are on this earth and living your life, exploring your world, pushing your boundaries, expanding your knowledge etc., you will come across new problems and situations that induce those feelings.

It reminds me of bravery.  Those who are truly brave are not the ones who walk this world without fear.  They are the ones who walk this world despite having fear.  : )  Cheers Trang! 

August 21, 2016

I feel not ok to be in this situation. I want a good relationship with my parents, like when I was little. But I also want to have my own voice in house, at least with whatever related to myself.

I am scared to think about the future. I know I would be regret about being not good enough to my parents. I know I would feel even more depressed than now if something happen to them, if I lose them. I just want to love and be loved. 

Sometimes I want to ask my parents if they are ok, but I don't know why I just stand there and freeze. 

it is so hard when you understand, but you just can't get out of your problem...

September 1, 2016
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