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My Progress in English

Hi everyone. I have achieved progress in English eight months ago because I joined an international organization where I had to deal with my colleagues from all over the world  in English, but still I face hardness in dealing with them easily because I have a lack in the expressions. Through Italki I could met two very very  nice girls from UK and Malaysia who helped me a lot to held many exchange language conversations but unfortunately we don't meet now because of our works and the big difference time between Malaysia and Egypt. I started reading novels in English to gain more expressions. Currently I read novel for John Green, his writing style is very interesting and isn't complicated, However my progress in English is very slow.  What I want are (my wishes) connect with my colleagues easily, don't think in grammar when I talk or when I write, don't let the words control my speech, understand all articles, novels and courses without suffering from English and speak English within two months to be accepted in abroad internship. 
(Please correct if you find mistakes)

Aug 21, 2016 11:07 PM
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I am in no need of language exchange, but I am willing to practice English with you as a penpal. Please contact me by my profile (there is a skype ID) if you wish to practice reading and writing. 
August 21, 2016

Hello Enaam,

You seem an intermediate English learner. You should understand that the intermediate level is a wide area. It includes pre, mid, and upper sub-levels, that means you should exert much efforts, and time to master your English, especially, the pronunciation, structure, and your intonation  to be able to reach the advanced level.  It is so difficult, it needs just practice, patience, and the usage of English correctly and unconsciously. Generally, most of the learners concounter same problems  at this phase. just keep practicing, and never judge your performance every while, you may not feel notable progress yourself. Other people will notice your progress, and may give you a fair assessment.

Good luck

August 23, 2016

 I have achieved progress in English eight months ago

=>I have made (huge, moderate, minor, slight....etc. ) progress in English since 8 months ago. 

What I want are (my wishes) connect with my colleagues easily, don't think in grammar when I talk or when I write, 

=>What I wish/hope is to communicate with my colleagues fluently without considering too much of grammar when I am speaking or writing. 

I am not a native speaker and hope that can help you a little bit. 

August 23, 2016

Hello Enaam,

I totally understand the problems you are describing. Often, learners make lots of progress at the beginner stage and they learn lots of vocabulary and structures. Then suddenly at the intermediate stage they hit a plateau (flat area) where it's very hard to get up to the next advanced stage. The only way to get there is to devote lots of time and energy and almost to become "in love with" or obsessed with learning the language. It can be through reading books, and discussing them , listening to lectures and talking about them or songs, or whatever. But the most important thing is to have an exchange with another person, preferably a native speaker who can give you feedback on your mistakes and help you to make more progress.

Good luck, Ruth

August 23, 2016
Please let me now if you want to exchange language with me (Egyptian Arabic, MSA Arabic/ Enlglish) :)
August 21, 2016
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