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Mohd Razif Bin Aziz
Question about Arabic language al fusha Currently I am learning Modern standard arabic with a hope i will be able  to understanding of arabic news and  formal talk in tv show.. but my big question is.. if some day when i will be able to fully understand what those people in al jazeera talk about then will i also understand all the words in the quran which written in old arabic... are the words in the quran still in used in today standard arabic?
Aug 22, 2016 1:53 AM
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yes offcours  still using . but if u understand the MSA that will help u to understand the main meaning of the quran but not the full meaning . i can say it's the opposite that if u understoond the all words and the full meaning of the quran u will be able to understand the MSA because the quran consider it one of the main source of the MSA
August 23, 2016

Qran uses some of the MSA vocabulary it's important to learn MSA

August 23, 2016
yes stiil .. quran is the basic Arabic language
August 22, 2016
yes but you will need to use some books witch explain the meaning of (ayyat)  to understand the concept of it also there is a lot of sentence are written in words we don't use it now ,, so all arabian use books of (tafseer) & listen  to ( muslim shekh) to understand it ,,that's not a shame ,,,,but the most important is when you need to do that be-careful ,,as there is some wrong books & not trusted ( shekh ) witch makes you get wrong information about what Allah says ,,,,that's the reason of tourism ,,,

if you need an advice ,,, you can first focus on (tafseer el Glalin) book it's written in easy way & explain just the meaning of the difficult sentence ,,,also you can find it in English if you would like ,,,

& about the ( shekh ) you can search on youtyube for shekh (sha3rawy) or  الشعراوي -- he is strait and he is talented in (tafsser) of Qura'an 

& again i would like to advice you to be-careful when you choose to listen to any ( shekh ) ,,, try to focus on (al Azhar )
( books & shyokh ) they are strait & they have a large level in Islamic teaching ,,, also available in all languages 

i wish you understand me ,,, Good luck 
October 29, 2016
Not all the words in Quran are used and i don't think that you will be able to understand Quran just by understanding news. But if you can reach to the point to be able to read and understand Standard Arabic then you will understand a lot and you can use Tasfeer books that explain the verses and words in Quran.
August 23, 2016
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