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Travis Scarbrough
Spanish - English


I am new here and am looking for Spanish speakers to exchange with. I live in the states and am a native English speaker. If you would like to improve your English while helping me with Spanish, please message me! I look forward to meeting you. I am available for Skype as well. 

Aug 23, 2016 1:48 AM
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Hola Travis, yo soy Rafael de España. Yo estaría encantado de conversar contigo también, así que cuando quieras podemos ponernos en contacto. ¡Un saludo! 
August 24, 2016

Hi, Travis.

Glad to help you, and I hope you can help me with my english. I'm from Spain. You can contact me in Skype: jpinotir. We can talk or write, as you prefer.

August 23, 2016
Hi! I would like to improve my English. I can help you and practice Spanish with you. I am from Peru
August 23, 2016
Hello Travis, I'm David from México. I help you with your spanish and you with my english hahaha
August 23, 2016


I am new here too and i´m looking for a speaker english to exchange with me too. I live in Mexico and am a native spanish speaker. Ifyou like i can help you to improve your spanish and you help me to improve my english to. 

August 23, 2016
Travis Scarbrough
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