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Ali Mahmudiyan
any classical music listener here?

hey guys

Im from Iran

if you like, here we can discuss about how is classical music in different countries and cultures

i know its very different from one country to another one

Aug 23, 2016 6:54 AM
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Hello every one

I'm Najmeh from Iran

Really I don't agree with Ali about condition of music in Iran.our traditional music is rich so  because of this  our university and also different  cultural organizations focus on it and our people affect it. I think classic music has its situation in my country too and has its own proponent. 

thanks Ali for your discussion.

I'm sorry because of my English is not so good . I hope you could understand my view point.

June 26, 2017

Even traditional music!

At the moment i dont explain more "why?" But if you want we can talk about it

We have just a few university and conservatories for music education

And not at all good

For example my private piano teacher is a piano faculty at university of tehran(the best place for studing classical music) and a few other universities

Hes a good teacher but can much weeker than faculties in curtis, juilliard, conservatory of roma, etc

Here instruments have at least 100% tariff( based on official numbers)

One us dollar was less 1000 Tomans a few years ago but now its 3500 Tomans(Iranian currency)

So we can buy just very low quality instruments

Musicians dont earn enough money from good classical works

So they do anything for a litle bit money

And for many reasons the atmosphere at musicians is totally different from most other countries and very bad at all!

We can rarely hear good live performances here and its really important

But now lets talk a little bit about bright sides

Do you know maestro Ali(Alexander) Rahbari?

The iranian conductor who was Karajan's assistant at Berliner Philharmonicer

Or other great Iranian classical musicians

People's tought about music is gradually getting changed

The distant between music and religion is decreasing

Im a rather religous guy who was born in a very religous family

It was soooo chalenging to do any activity about music at my family but i did it!

They still say silly things about music but much better than what they used to say!

Thanks alot for reading this text

I really wonder how is music in your country?

I love the respect for music at countries like italy and germany and i think classical music owes these cultures!

August 25, 2016

I see you cant understand what i mean by "differences"

This i exactly what im going to talk about

Its fun to talk about interesting pieces and composers but now im focusing about another point of view

I mean the definition of music in different cultures

Now i explain it about my own country and cultre very beriefly. You will understand what i mean when you read thìs.

As you know Iran is a very religous country and the religion is Islam.

Based on what ive read and searched from valid sources, Islam is rather completely agree with classical music(at least 95 percent of music itself. Perhaps more)

But this is just logical. The current situation is totally different

Here most clergy men and generally religous people believe that music is such a bad thing and its almost forbiden in Islam

There are some who think correctly but most believe on that wrong way

I blame it o a missunderstand(here BAD musics used to be very popular and obviously islam were dissagre with them. This caused people to think music is totally forbidden in islam. We and arabs had bad music much more than good ones)

I mention a few other effective reasons

Specially after the islamic revoloution iran have had a not so good economy and classical music needs money alot!

Classical music has a western taste and for iranians it takes time to get fimilar with it

And some other reasons

Now let me tell you how IS the situation here

We have only one serious orchetrs here which is Tehran Symphony Orchestra

Its supported by government

But how is it?


Very low quality performances and first of all, they work about 5 years each 10 year :D

Here music instruments are not allowed to be shown in TV!!!!!!!

Yeah im saying the truth

A few weeks ago a powerfull clergyman in Mashhad said we dont let any concert be performed at this city!!!!!

August 25, 2016
Can you suggest a few pieces of Iranian music to us?
August 23, 2016

I enjoy the genre that, in the U.S., we call "classical music." That is to say, orchestral music in the European high-art tradition. Beethoven, Brahms, Borodin, Dvořák, Mahler, Prokofiev, some Richard Strauss... Gershwin, some Aaron Copland, some Howard Hanson... Sousa marches...

I'm too old to worry about liking the "right" things. I like symphonies, but my ear is not sophisticated enough to hear any large-scale structures in them--they're just long medleys to me, and if you say the first movement is in sonata form I'll take your word for it! There's not a chance I can remember the key long enough to tell if it comes back in the same key or not...

I just love Dvořák's Symphony No. 9, "From the New World," beginning to end, start to finish. (And I'm old enough to remember when they called it his "Symphony No. 5!")

I also like short pieces of music that are in the classical tradition and use the "vocabulary" of classical music. I'll mention three that I've listened to recently and happen to like.

1) "Bugler's Holiday," by Leroy Anderson:

2) "Adagio for Strings," by Samuel Barber:

3) "On the Steppes of Central Asia," by Aleksandr Borodin:

August 23, 2016
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