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Diego Naranjo
I don't have any phobias and you??

There are a lot of people that have been phobia, for example arachnophobia or claustrophobia.  I always have had scared of heights, but now, i don't have . If you have any phobia, you will share here!!!

Of my point of view, i think you can make a treatment. There is also a people that suffer from a fear of public speaking and another examples more.

 this discurssion is  for speak and practise!!

come on people !! jejeje

Aug 23, 2016 8:02 AM
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Dear my friend

some my friends are also afraid ghost, they don't dare to sleep in the room darkly, and alone

if they stay alone in house, they will turn all of light in any room

at that time they will feel safe and uncomfortable

have you been same them?

from you said, you are now better

but you play sport and travelling, you will change alot

August 23, 2016
I don't have any phobias. And if someone has ones, it is better for him to get rid of it. Life is free without any phobias ;)
August 23, 2016
That one who thinks that have no phobias doesn't know about. If the atmosphere is changes the phobias begins to appear
August 23, 2016
Diego Naranjo
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