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Vaal Santiago
Give me tips to improve my English.
I need improve my English but I don't how start.
What tips you can give me?

Aug 23, 2016 2:24 PM
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Start from Basics means consolidate the grammar first for example tenses, active passive voice, helping verbs etc after that start memorizing vocabulary, after learning basics start speaking with yourself and with others.     
August 23, 2016

one of the most important thing i have experianced in learning languages practice through skype group :

this is one of useful group you can join , i find it very helpful :

August 23, 2016

To learn to speak English, you must speak English.  You must find a suitable language partner and meet regularly with them for a long time.  I suggest once a week for a couple of hours.  Fortunately, video and voice tools are available for free, although they are not part of this site.  Video chat can do a decent job of simulating a real life meeting.  Learning to write is a bit more difficult.  

Ideally, we would simulate the classroom environment.  To do that you would want both you and your teacher to have read/write access to the same document at the same time - this is possible - and have a voice connection as well.  Video would be nice if you had the bandwidth.

Shohei and I meet every Saturday morning.  We've been meeting for a long time.  His listening comprehension has improved enough that he can now watch a movie without subtitles.  We've never worked on writing.  I have only learned 30 words in Japanese, but I have learned much about Japanese culture, which to me is valuable knowledge.

What I have described above can all be done for no money.  Patience and perseverance are the qualities you must have.  Good luck!

August 23, 2016

Good evening!

My main tip would be to practice as much as you can! This doesn't just mean speaking as much as possible, but reading, writing, and watching films too. Try to immerse yourself in the languageas much as possible. Keep a journal to practice your writing. Watch TV and films, and find a native speaker to practice with.

Oh, and have fun! English is a fascinating and rewarding language to learn, so enjoy!

August 23, 2016
Vaal Santiago
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