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How i learn languages and some problems in the language learning world.

This was posted by me in another discussion but I thought it would be a gut separate discussion. 

Every thing people usually don't do, I do to learn German, or French.

I LOVE big lists of vocabulary with one or two definitions of the word with maybe one example to help me get the context. I end up learning 20-50 new words a day, and that's only because I love lists and that they work for me.

I understand that some people need exercises in order to learn new vocab, but I honestly don't understand the point of them. Exercises tell you a context in which to write in, but in reality you will NEVER know which situation or context you will be in, therefor sometimes you have to MAKE your own context without referring to a past exercise. 

I also love knowing EVERY SINGLE WORD. Some would say "That's stupid, just learn the ""common"" words" well I see where they're coming from but as stated above: You NEVER know what situation you'll be thrown in, so it would be embarrassing to know what you want to say in your mother tongue, but because you said "I don't need this" you might be misunderstood, or worse offend someone.

Also I avoid articles that have the words "secret", "(number) of ways to...", and " X amount of months". Most of them are, inaccurate, vague, not well explained, or they try to make you buy something that has really horrible information, or at worse misleading and just straight up WRONG.

Other than the articles, I'm not saying all other ways are "wrong" ways to learn a language, they are just what works for me, and because of the mind set of "You never know" I became about 3/4 fluent in German in a year, with 0 "Secrets" Just pure hard work and dedication.

Aug 23, 2016 3:18 PM
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Well, there are different types of learning and there is no "perfect one". For instance, you mentioned you love those vocabulary lists, but for me they are totally boring (no offense! :D).

In my learning experience, I normally combined courses with daily life situations that I really enjoy (in my case, watching films, reading books, listening to music and talking to friends). For me the main goal is to communicate. That doesn't mean I don't want to be precise, but I don't need to know all the words.

Of course, each person is different :). Thanks for opening the debate!! Both as a teacher and as a student, it is really interesting to see the different learning styles out there!



August 23, 2016
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