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What do you usually do if you feel nervous or out of mood? For me I prefer change my place and walking more specially besides The sea
23 sie 2016 18:30
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Headset on, volume up the music,  enjoy the music forget about the thing that makes you feel nervous or boredom. :D
24 sierpnia 2016

I prefer to go to the swimming pool

from my point of view this is the one of the best way to relieve stress

23 sierpnia 2016
I"am stressed out a lot in the recent weeks. My living situation is not that good. I wish I had the beach to go and listen to the waves. 
23 sierpnia 2016
I think I will go to some friend's home. Or try to listen a new language. XD
23 sierpnia 2016
I usually turn on Relax Radio and take a hot shower or bath, and sometimes helps talking with friend. It's better to share with somebody your problems, than to keep it inside.
25 sierpnia 2016
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