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At the age of 3 year old, what are children learn in your country?

In the process of learning mother tongue, it might be different from contry to contry though, what are children learn?

I wonder what they learn at 3 years old.

In Korea, I heard children can speak a bit fluently than before and make full sentences around 3 year old. 

Although they made simple sentences with mistakes.

They start to learn Korean alphabet, '가, 갸, 거, 겨....' and some easy words by flash cards.

And  they practice some onomatopoeias in the kindergarten.

In Korea, I think many children learned the verb "주세요" and "감사합니다" at this age,  natural way.

They are a kind of asking form and honorific form in Korean.  

I don't think it can be suitable way for adult's language learning.

But I think it's helpful to understand the order to learn new language.   
So, I wonder what they are learning in your country.

In America, at the 3 year old children what they learn? And what about Spain children?

And in your country's children? 


* I'm so poor at English, if my English is weird, I'm sorry. 

Aug 23, 2016 6:47 PM
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generally they play at this age  .. 
 but you can find some parents teach their children QURAN (islamic holly book) because it is good for their brain and it makes them speak araibic fluently ; so after that they don t find any problem in their study 
some others teach them music ; languages ( my neice is 2 years old and I teach her arabic and english , she learn english very well ; she listen to english song for baby) 
October 4, 2016
I could speak fluent Dutch at the age of three. I have always been a bit of a talker. I acquired the rolling r (as in Spanish rr) later in life. I was a teenager when I switched to a more traditional pronunciation of Dutch.
October 4, 2016
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