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Student should be taught music and art in high school. Do you agree or not?

Student should be taught music and art in high school. Do you agree or not?

Art in all fields has been regarded as rigid courses like any other ones. to teach art and music in high school, many countries have done their best. I imagine that  a high school is a place where the life’s necessary lessons should be taught in. forasmuch as, the music has not had a primary position in Student Career; it would never be considered as a field to be taught in high school.

To teach Artistic fields in a way which would return sumptuous results; a high school must spend a tremendous cost to supply privatized tools and also crafty teachers; whereas, the expense should be spent for another vital lesson.

Occupying the time of student at the time when they should learn plausible tips, would be battling time to west. In comparison, while their time is spent to learn empirical science like physic and math, they would be using them in their own career to lead their life  in the anticipated route. plus , Student could specify how they want to from the future. For example: while pupils are taught specialize lessons, they could use them as a professional way to live in the next period their life.

High school is an opportunity which happened throughout life once and also it’s an important time for preparing a student to be being upon the main route of life; thus it should not be spent for non-rigid courses like art and music. Because students could never use it a the future which expected. In bottom line, a high school is a place for teaching necessary lessons to be used in life.
Aug 24, 2016 6:27 AM
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Of course, there are subjects more important than music or art, like biology, physics or math. However, I agree that students be taught music and art in high school because it helps students to develop creativity and it also improve the concentration.

Besides its a good way to relax.

August 25, 2016
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