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Panova Lana
What should I start with? I studied English at school and then at the university. I mean, someone always could help me, even no, not help me, but they just put knowledge in my head :D And now I decided (It happens every month or two) to learn German too. And by myself. What should I do? I'm lost between all these textbooks. What did you do at first, when you begin to learn new language? 

Aug 24, 2016 12:36 PM
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Hi Panova!

I started learning German myself a few years ago, and I found the best way (for myself at least), was to simply find things with audio and text, and then slowly and naturally work my way through that.

So with German, I started with some of the following:

I just look up words, read and listen a few times, try to understand 70 percent of whats happening, then I just move on when im bored of that article lol.The topics are simple, interesting, and the voice is really lovely.

After that, I went straight onto Harry Potter (since I know the story well and love it). I found an audio book and the text, and simply read and listened at the same time. I didnt stop to look up words, at the beginning it is painful and you dont feel like it will ever improve, but it is shocking how you naturally pick it up (if you already know the story that is).

(Harry Potter book1 pdf or you can find it on amazon, you can also find the audiobook online or on amazon :) )

The first few months of starting a new language are extremely delicate, since it is easy to give up. Don't be put off by how strange it all seems at first, after a few months you will be amazed at how something so difficult at the beginning now seems very normal!
Relax, put in daily time of listening AND reading to interesting content (above), and then as fast as you can, move onto authentic content (novels, TV shows, speaking with natives). I dont fret over grammar, vocab lists or anything that seems like ur cramming ur brain.

Feel free to message me if you would like more help or material! German has a lot of amazing content on all possible topics and subjects, so dont hesitate to ask me if you have a particular interest!


August 24, 2016
Haha, going to a wizarding school somewhere else in Europe just wouldn't be the same :)
August 24, 2016

Oh, I started to work hard at my English just because of Harry Potter) I wanted to read these books in original,  and also - how i would study at Hogwarts if I didn't know English?! :D

August 24, 2016
Panova Lana
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