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if you are in thirties what is your advice you would give to people who in twenties ? 

If you are older than that give advice too , 

2016年8月24日 14:31
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I'd say something like: don't waste your time. It runs so fast. Don't keep grudge against somebody for a long time. It devastates you much more, than those you keep grudge against. Forgive people. They hurt you mostly because of their weakness. Learn as much as you can  as long as you are young. And finally, respect your parents. They are the only people on this crazy world, who will love you regardless anything, whoever you are and whatever you do.


Before you get angry with someone and open your mouth, think and count. It comes out better when you've thought about it and have had time.  Apologise if you're wrong.  There is always another point of view. Accept that sometimes things don't always go your way. Admit your faults and mistakes and don't repeat them.  Finally, never, never give up.

You're young. Enjoy it because it's amazing how things you take for granted now, become an issue when you're older.

Time waits for nobody.

I'm not thirty but I'm not sure if "expert" is such a great word to use for this, just because you've been on this earth for 30-35-40, etc. years doesn't mean you're an expert at life. We as humans learn new things almost every day in life no matter how old we are, you could be 43 years old and learn something that you were not aware of before, so expert really isn't a good word here.

Spend your time and money collecting experiences and memories and friends.

Take care of your neighbors.

Live in the moment, live life to the fullest.  That way you'll have no regrets.  Don't sweat the small stuff - it's small stuff!
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