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曾思瀚(Francisco Tsang)
If you are at work, come in and tell me something~
As in the company I work for, and in most companies of China, the HR department determines several persons with good performance in the past year as the Excellent Employees of that year. Then the general manager or boss will award them certificates of honor and performance bonuses on the annual ceremony.

But I felt the determination mechanism in my company might should be more scientific and effective.

1. At first, the candidates and final list were selected and determined by the boss and supervisors basing on their daily observation to the employees. The disadvantage of this mechanism is the determination was totally subjective and employees turned to focus on how to please their supervisors or boss and concerned less about the work performance. What's more, those who weren't elected complained much about the boss or supervisors and the credibiliy of the company hurt. 

2. Later, with more and more employees joining our company, the eyes of the top supervisors couldn't handle the job of fully observation any more. And the top empowered every department to elect their candidates democratically. As a result, some employees became fighters to fight for the welfare of their colleagues and tried to buy popularity and sometimes they hardly cared if their behaviors do harm to the company's long-term interests. 

3. Now our company is trying to explore an effective system to assess every employee's contributions and at the end of year the HR may choose the highest score gainer as the Excellent Employee. But it proves that the system is not easy to build up and some missions are difficult to be quantized and assessed with an accurate score.

Here's my question, is there somthing similar happen in the companies of your country? And how does the HR department or management determine the Excellent Employees? I really want to learn somthing superior on the management from all over the world~ THX a lot~

Aug 24, 2016 2:46 PM
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曾思瀚(Francisco Tsang)
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