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Learning Article : Are Some Languages Truly More Difficult Than Others?

Discuss the Article : Are Some Languages Truly More Difficult Than Others?

Are Some Languages Truly More Difficult Than Others?

There are some challenges in certain languages which can make them more difficult to learn. However, success always depends on you and your commitment, interest, and passion. Take a look at some of the factors that can make a difference in how easy or difficult a language might be for you to learn. However, don't let any of them deter you from learning the language you want to. Never give up in your efforts to learn a new language.

Aug 25, 2016 12:00 AM
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I think perhaps...

My mother language is madarin and cantonese (in a certain way, it's called the dialect of Guangzhou?)

And I am a French and English learner.

Usually, when I speaking the French, I will be puzzled cuz of the pronoun.

For example,  in Chinese, the sequence is "subject" + "verb" +"pronoun".

But in French, it goes by "subject" + "pronoun" +"verb".

So, at the beginning, it's hard for me. This is a difference of the way of thinking

August 25, 2016

Nice article. I especially agree with the comment: 'individual limitations in these areas can be offset by learning how to learn languages'

There's definitely a trick to learning languages and it's different for everyone, but once you get your head around what works best for you, learning a 2nd or even 3rd language becomes less daunting.

Thanks for this!

September 5, 2016

we can find many difficult things in any language but everything is about our passion, dedication and want to learn.

This article reminds me that Walt Disney quote's: "If u can dream it, u can do it" ;)

September 2, 2016
I agree with your ideas, Astrid. Similar languages are easier to learn, obviously. I thought learn Chinese sometime ago, but when I noticed I could learn 2 or 3 other languages in meantime I dropped Chinese and picked up English + Spanish! A few languages are strategic depending of your global location, for me English + Spanish + French will be the perfect combination.
August 26, 2016
it depends on how willing r u to learn them with determination every thing is possible  
August 25, 2016
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