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Do you think pen pal is helpful with reading and writing?

If you think it is useful, do you want to practice reading and writing as a pen pal with me?

If you do not consider it is helpful in reading and writing, what condition do you think it can improve quality of practice?  

Furthermore, do you think that can help you learn how to express more properly in speaking as well as writing? 

Aug 25, 2016 3:22 AM
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I think "online penpals" are very useful as long as the other person is a native speaker of the language you are learning to. I think that sending and receiving emails is a way to "make you" write and read in your aimed language. When there is nothing else to be said (between you and your partner)  you can always write "notebooks" and have them checked. Of course you are supposed to do the same for your language partner. So, go ahead!
August 28, 2016
Definitely. This is the best way to learn to read and write. It's way easier than writing a notebook entry, for example
August 27, 2016
Jack! You know your thoughts about interaction confused me a little. Frankly speaking I don't understand why you need a chat partner if you told about self-organization (by reading, thinking and so on).. Why don't you simly write entries on the Notebook? In my opinion it would be the same. This way you'll be able to think over a new topic, to find out some words and to build sentences...You are rather active in different discussions. Is it insufficient for writing practice?
August 26, 2016
Jack, I think if someone wants to improve their (his/her) writing skills they need a native speaker as a penfriend. Do you agree? As for me, I like to write in English but I have never considered this way of communication as sufficient basis for enriching vocabulary...Nevertheless, it would be interesting for me.
August 25, 2016
In view of the fact that most native speakers would not like to spare sufficient time to correct and practice English with you for free, online writing with penpals is an alternative (makeshift) to practice 2 skills that are also very helpful to improve your speaking and listening. 
December 1, 2016
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