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If you know Bosnia and Herzegovina please read...

Hello people!

I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina.If you know my country can you write that what do you think about Bosnia and Herzegovina beacause I have homework on the subject "What other people think about your country?" 

Aug 25, 2016 3:29 PM
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thank you so much,I hope one day you'll visit our small but beautiful country and have a pleasure in our food :)
August 26, 2016

Hi dear Emira,

I know that your country is a wonderful place, very beautiful country and nice friendly people  :)

and I heard about a war was there in the past, but I don't have a lot of information about it.

August 27, 2016
Hello! I'm from Mexico, I traveled to Međugorje a few years ago and it was amazing, i liked the mountains and people was very friendly with me. For me is very interesting your language and I enjoy when Ilisten to someone speaking bosnian or croatian, but I don't understand, when I was there I talked italian or sometimes English. The best thing was the meat and  the food.  The weather was a little hot and things are cheaper to buy in Bosnia and Herzegovina compared to another european countries. The bad thing was than many people was stolen in that city when I was there.
August 27, 2016
I really don't know much besides very basic stuff about the Bosnian war. I remember reading Zlata Filipović's Diary for school when I was 12 (in English though :P) and liking it very much. I've kept it to this day. 
August 26, 2016
I know very little, unfortunately. Yet I do know that the area was under Ottoman control for many years and for this reason there are many Muslims living there today. I know too that the area was also under Austro-Hungarian rule. Moreover, although heavily damaged in the recent war, Sarajevo is supposed to be among the most beautiful cities in the world. And I do love Alija Izetbegovic's book, Islam Between East and West!
August 25, 2016
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