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Summer School Holidays (in Italy) Having children, in Italy, during summer time it's not so easy! Are you wondering why?
It's simple: summer holiday are a nightmare for every Italian working mom (and dad).

The problem is that summer holidays are really very long (at least in Italy).
My oldest son (8 years old - attending elementary school) stays at home almost 3 months (from June 10th to September 15th). My 4 years old daughter is on holiday from the first day of July!

Me and my husband work all day; we have only two-three holidays' weeks so we have to find a way to let our children spend their free-time. They have attended a summer camp for three weeks (but they are very expensive) and (lucky us!) have spent some time with their grandparents in their countryside house.

Furthermore my son doesn't want to do his homework and he's forgetting everything he learnt at school! 

How long are summer holidays in your country?
Aug 25, 2016 3:34 PM
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