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Trinh Nguyen
About notebook entry

    ¯What makes you choose a notebook entry to correct? Length, mistake level, title, content or even avatar?? 

    ¯I've found that there are some notebooks which haven't been corrected yet, meanwhile some others around them have been corrected
    *Let me know your opinions
>>>> I might have made some mistakes in this, I'm learning English. Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)
Aug 26, 2016 3:19 AM
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Firstly A lot of notebook entries lack clarity, the writer is not often clear on what he wants. 

Secondly,  sometimes,  the writer asks too much, perhaps a very complex illustration on Grammar.

Thirdly, Teachers are not walking encyclopedias,  some people complain or feel they "have a right" to an answer. This is not the case, Teachers are busy like everyone else and people using forums should not assume an answer will be given.

Personally I make the choice on whether I think the person is seriously trying to learn.  I have a lot of patience for people who are genuine and need help, but I have no patience with people who are sloppy,   have used google translate or look like they might be here to find Romantic partners. 

August 26, 2016
Phương Trinh ,Interesting discussion . Guyomar , Joseph  Thanks for leting us know this precious information. We are really appreciate the job you do here .
August 26, 2016


August 26, 2016


August 26, 2016

Thank you for your comment, Guyomar 

I agree with you. I corrected some notebook entries written in my first language. Although, they are written in my first language, it takes me time to correct. Therefore, I usually choose a notebook entry which is not too long. However, the writer seldom leave a comment to say thanks. We spend time on their notebooks so saying thanks is the least they can do for us. Day by day, I become disappointed and I don't want to help them.

On the other hand, why does someone ask a question? Obviously he wants the answers. This case is the same. People, who write notebook entries, always want to receive corrections because they also spend time on thinking and writing seriously (Of course I don't mention about some tasks posted in wrong situation or some tasks like: "Hi there, I'm new...."  :D )

Once again, thank you for sharing your thinking. Keep working hard, there are many people need your help. Best wishes for you.

August 26, 2016
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