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the booshehri dialect

booshehri dialect , some features

* /æ/ -> /o:/
* /ɒː/ -> /o:/
* the definite enclitic /e/ -> /u:/
* the direct object marker  /ro:/ -> /no:/
* the direct object marker /raa/ -> /e/
* /b/ in the end of a word drops
* /m/ in the end of a word drops
* bushehri Words

shab -> sho
cheshm  -> chesh; correction by hussin : cheshm -> chish , chesh is shiraazi
marde -> mardoo ; correction by hussin: marde - mardekoo (mardoo is shiraazi) 
ketaab raa -> ketaab ro -> ketaabo -> ketaabeh
to ro -> to no ; correction by hussin: to ro -> to ne , to no means to va
joonam -> joonom
lipak - bushehri word used by sailors for compass
hiroon -  bushehri word  meaning south



comments, examples please ? links where I can listen to this dialect ? articles in english about persian dialects that I can read online?

Aug 26, 2016 8:08 AM
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Interesting that you are interested in Bushehri dialect! So, here some edits on your examples.

cheshm  -> cheesh /tʃ iː ʃ/. chesh is Shirazi

marde -> mardekoo. mardoo is Shirazi.
to ro -> to ne. "to no" means "to va"

August 26, 2016
well done!
August 28, 2016
August 26, 2016
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