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Ally Kim
What is different between 'Meet' and 'Meet Up'?

I am wondering about the difference between 'Meet' and 'Meet Up'!

Of course I know the meaning of them, but I am not sure which one is more conversational or natural.

Does anybody know this?

If you can give a clear answer, please leave the comment :)


Aug 26, 2016 4:08 PM
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Jessica gave you a good answer.

But we would use "meeting" instead of "meet up' in the following sentences:

"We are going to the Spanish meet up meeting tonight at 7" or "Let's organize a meet up meeting for all who are interested."

The verb 'meet' is more formal than "meet up".

Use the verb "meet" in serious or business situations.

Use the phrasal verb "meet up" in informal situations and with friends.

August 26, 2016

Hi Ally,

I would have to say it depends on your audience. "meet" seems to be more formal where "meet up" sounds more like slang when we are talking about an action of getting together.

Example: "Hi, where would you like to meet this afternoon?"

                 " Hi, where would you like to meet up this afternoon?"

Both actually SOUND fine.

We would always use only "meet" when saying "Nice to meet you"

When talking about a noun, "meet up" serves fine when speaking of a social event.

Example: "We are going to the Spanish meet up tonight at 7" or "Let's organize a meet up for all who are interested."

"Meet" is also used such as "swim meet" or "scout meet"

I hope this helps :)


August 26, 2016


After reading Jessica's second entry, I think we can now make everything clear.

"meet" is the verb "to meet", e.g.:  We can meet at 8 PM.

"meet up" is a phrasal verb (verb + preposition) and it means "get together"... it's informal (used between friends), e.g.:

- Let's meet up around 8 PM

Jessica is correct...

"meetup or meet-up" is a noun and it means "a meeting, especially a regular meeting of people who share a particular interest and have connected with each other through a social-networking website", e.g.:

- There will be a meetup for new moms on Tuesday night.

- There will be a meetup to plan the trip on Wednesday.

NOTE: the noun meet-up or meetup is a fairly new word that came into use after 2001 and it became popular because of a website called "Meetup".

August 26, 2016

Hi All,

Richard is definitely correct with "meeting".

I think I need to be more specific.

In the USA, or at least in my city, Houston, we have social events called "Meet Ups". There is a website that you can visit to find meet ups in your area. The term has become a bit colloquial, I suppose. Hope that clarifies a little more :)



August 26, 2016

Thank you so much for all of your comments in detail!

Now I recognize the difference between them:)

Jessica and Richard, Thanks for your help!!

August 28, 2016
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