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Help me to improve my english!

"When i was a child i was interested in the french language and i bought a book for learn french language but my mum tell to me re that book and  Replacement it  english language book because the english is important than french then i interested to be able to speak english and when i grew up the  english language was my  dream to be my specialty in unversity since i study in middle school"

i wrote this message if i have mistakes help me to improve my english..❤

2016년 8월 26일 오후 8:22
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Good message!  Perhaps some day you will get the chance to learn both English and French!  They are both wonderful languages. 

A few corrections for you:

1.  In English, names of languages are capitalized.  English and French are capitalized no matter where they appear in the sentence.

2. The word "I" is always capitalized no matter where it appears in the sentence.  Think of it this way:  I am important.  I am always capitalized!  You and I can remember to capitalize I. :)

3.  A special project you can work on is using the past tense to tell a story.  "I bought a book..." (excellent) "but my mum told me..."  "I have been interested.... " (that one is a little more complicated because it started in the past and is still going on now) and "since I began to study..."  (another form of ongoing action that started in the past.)  

Everything you wrote made perfect sense, though, to an English native who speaks no Arabic!  Congratulations! You're communicating!!!

2016년 8월 26일
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