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Finding address in Mongolia Сайн байна уу?

This is not really a language question but I desperately need help with something and I didn't know where else to ask. I need to send an object (a photo album) to a nomadic family in the Аргалант уул area. I don't really have any means of contacting them. I was thinking that maybe I could post it to, say, the hospital or some other fixed address building in Аргалант уул and include a note saying it's for the family (everybody seemed to know each-other when I was there so I'm sure they'd know who it was, especially if I included a photo of the family) and maybe it would reach them. However, I don't know how to find the address of any of the buildings there. Would anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Aug 26, 2016 10:06 PM
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Hi Jason!

Thank you so much for all your help! Sorry for the late reply, I was out of town and really busy. I have to run now as well but I'll take a look at the Facebook group tomorrow and see whether I can find them. I spoke some Mongolian when I was there in March 2015 but by now I've forgotten everything so I wouldn't be able to communicate anymore. Thanks again! I'll try to figure it out myself on the Facebook group but I might bother you again if it doesn't work. Have a nice day!
September 18, 2016

Hi, Rosina! How are you? I am seeing that you want to send some photo album to a nomadic family who live in countryside area ( Аргалант уул). Am I thinking right? If yes, I think that destination you said above is far away from Ulaanbaatar which capital of Mongolia. I know that Argalant Uul is located in the Bayankhongor province and almost 500-600 km away from Ulaanbaatar

Currently, I am living in Ulaanbaatar, and I am the native Mongolian speaker. For me, I guess that It's a little bit difficult to send stuff or anything to countryside specifically herder family. But maybe If you have any familiar or acquaintance in Ulaanbaatar, It might be possible to resolve.  First of all, You possible to send stuff to the person who lives in Ulaanbaatar and then that person sends your stuff into the countryside. I am sure that It's truly easier for Mongolians, but you keep your mind that you have to ask permanent address from nomadic family or you need to send their telephone or cell phone number into a person who is Mongolian and will assist you . Hope my advice helped you :)

September 14, 2016
Have an adequate day too! I hope I can assist you with finding out your acquaintances . :)
September 18, 2016

 I got it, Rosina. The country name you mentioned is not correct at all, I think that country name is Аргалант сум, Төв аймаг ( Argalant soum, Tuv province). So, I just found out that soum's facebook group, I'm going to attach it  ( ). Therefore, You can look up your Mongolian acquaintance or If you don't hesitate I am able to ask your acquaintances from this group's people by written in Mongolia. Also, I want to know that you can understand the Mongolian language by contact with them? Or Can they speak some English?

Perhaps, If you want to ask some questions or  take assistant from me , feel free ask me . I am willing to able to help you !

September 16, 2016
Hi Jason!

Thanks for getting back to me, that's really kind of you! I think there's actually two places named Аргалант уул (sorry, I'd forgotten about that, otherwise I would have mentioned it). I don't mean the one that's really far away, I mean the one that's in Төв аймаг close to Хустайн нуруу (like an hour's drive from UB). On Google Maps it just says Аргалант but I do remember people referring to it as Аргалант уул as well. I don't have any means of contacting the family (I may be able to get a mobile number though I'm not sure it's still valid. I can give it a try.) but I was thinking that if I could find the contact details of a permanent building in the сум centre (Аргалант), I could maybe post it to that address and if I include a note saying it's for the family, perhaps it would reach them, as people seemed to know each-other in the сум. Is there like an address book where I could look up the address of the shop or the hospital or some other building? I don't know anybody in UB (I used to have a contact there but she moved abroad). Thank you so much for your advice!

September 14, 2016
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