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Lost love....

Hello friends,

It is again an amazing story which I want to share with you. I hope you will like it, because I liked this story very much. I think it is the best story to make a wonderful movie. 

Lost love

These things happened to me nearly ten years ago.  I lived in a city, but the city was hot in summer. I wanted to see the country. I wanted to walk in the woods and see green trees.I had a little red car and I had a map, too. I drove all night out into the country. I was happy in my car. We had a very good summer that year. The country was very pretty in the early morning. The sun was hot, and the sky was blue. I heard the birds in the trees. And then my car stopped suddenly.

‘What’s wrong?’ I thought.

 ‘Oh dear, I haven’t got any petrol.

 Now I’ll have to walk.

 I’ll have to find a town and buy some petrol.

 But where am I?’

I looked at the map. I wasn’t near a town. I was lost in the country.

And then I saw the girl. She walked down the road, with flowers in her hand.

She wore a long dress, and her hair was long, too.

 It was long and black, and it shone in the sun. She was very pretty. I wanted to speak to her, so I got out of the car.

‘Hello,’ I said. ‘I’m lost.

 Where am I?’

She looked afraid, so I spoke quietly.

‘I haven’t got any petrol,’ I said.

 ‘Where can I find some?’

Her blue eyes looked at me, and she smiled.

‘She’s a very pretty girl!’

 I thought.

‘I do not know,’ she said.

 ‘Come with me to the village.

Perhaps we can help you.’

I went with her happily, and we walked a long way.

‘There isn’t a village on the map,’ I thought.

Perhaps it’s avery small village.’

To be continued......


Aug 27, 2016 12:25 PM
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This was a story which I wanted to share. Thank you for reading.

August 27, 2016
Sit down,’ said the old man.

 ‘Are you thirsty after your walk?’

He gave me a drink, and I said, ‘Thank you.’

 But the drink was strange, too.

 It was dark brown and very strong.

 I didn’t understand.

 But I was happy there.

I asked about petrol, but the old man didn’t understand.

‘Petrol?’ he asked.

 ‘What is that?’

‘This is strange,’ I thought.

 Then I asked, ‘Do you walk everywhere?’

The old man smiled.

 ‘Oh, no, we use horses,’ he said.

‘Horses!’ I thought.

 ‘Horses are very slow.

 Why don’t they have cars?’

August 27, 2016
I like it , thanks 
August 27, 2016

This story reminds me of an American scientific film in 1980 , Somewhere in time. It's about a romantic relationship between a college and an actress. He traveled to the past and fell in love with the lady. I wish this story can have a happy ending.

August 27, 2016
 I went back to the village, but it wasn’t there.
 I looked again and again, but I couldn’t find it.
 I saw only flowers and trees.
 I heard only the sound of the birds and the wind. I was very sad. I sat down on the ground and cried.
I will never forget that day.
 I remember Mary, and I will always love her.
Now, I only have to wait two months.
 The village will come back again.
 On the right day, I will go back.
 I will find her again, my love with the long, black hair.
 And this time, I will not leave before morning.

 I will stay with her.

August 27, 2016
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