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Does depression affect memory?


Lately, I've got anxious about my study. I learn English everyday but I feel my progress is too slow that I postponed my IELTS test. Besides, I've also got problems from work which are driving me crazy.

There are many moments  I forget things. I forget passwords, keys, things to do and even my mom' birthday.It is like I'm experiencing a sharp memory decline. Do you guys have any of this experience? Is it affected by mood or something?

Aug 28, 2016 2:15 AM
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Depression and anxiety both affect memory and especially affect concentration.  If it is markedly noticeable, you might want to see a psychiatrist or at least your medical doctor.  Memory problems related to depression and anxiety can be rapidly improved with good treatment.
August 28, 2016

Hi Cheryl, yes it does i have experienced that affects on my memory and i spend much more time in my studying or to learn something by heart ,even i forget names of people if  i met them recently  but i have noticed that all of these things happen when i am stressed particulary so i have decided to work on my stress and trying to get rid of it that’s why i  do yoga exercises or do any kind of sport whenever i am stressed,and i know the stress will not totally disappear but the sport really help.                

September 4, 2016

Of course our state of mind affects our ability to learn. IT has been proven many times that children who are worried, nervous or in a state of insecurity do less well in school than happier kids. And the same goes for adults. If we are nervous, worried, depressed etc we cannot learn. It's hard but we have to try to stay positive in life because mental well being affects our physical health too. 

Hope you can relax and start to do better and good luck!

September 4, 2016
Thank you Viktoria. I'll take your advice and take a break. I do hate the feeling of anxiety and guess it's time to slow everything down. :)
September 4, 2016
Cheryl, it is not my business to give you advice, but I would definitely recommend you to have a break. The best solution, in my opinion, is to travel somewhere. It will let you relax, forget about everything that causes stress. After all, you will have just a little rest. I think everything is just caused by your tiredness. Please, remember, when you had a vacation last time? You just need your brain to have a little rest, I think. Thank you!
September 4, 2016
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