Breakfast in your country


I'm interested in food and in the food habits of people around the world. 

So. What do you have for breakfast in your country? 

I live in Italy. At breakfast most people have milk with cookies, Crisp toast or bread with nutella or jam, Cornflakes and often sweet snack (So called "merendine")

A lot of people have breakfast in "bar". You can have espresso or cappuccino and a hand made brioche. Sandwiches are not so popular at breakfast.

I usually have rice milk with muesli and some fresh fruits.

Aug 28, 2016 8:51 AM
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Because we're retired and usually eat breakfast at home, and because we usually each fix breakfast and lunch for ourselves, we eat whatever thing we please, and it doesn't match U.S. breakfast traditions! 

During the winter, I do like to have hot oatmeal, which is a traditional U.S. breakfast food.

Nowadays a lot of people buy prepackaged microwave oatmeal, which comes sweetened and flavored and has been processed in some way that cooks very quickly, but I don't. I buy Quaker oatmeal in the traditional cylindrical cardboard box. I buy the kind that takes five minutes to cook. I cook it in the microwave, one serving (about 50 grams of dry oatmeal).

When it's cooked I add two things: a big glob of butter, which melts quickly in the oatmeal, and maple syrup.

I have to say something about maple syrup. I use nothing but real maple syrup. A lot of people use syrups which are corn syrup flavored with artificial or real maple flavor. I think real maple syrup tastes much, much better and worth the extra cost. It is very expensive, about USD $15 for a liter.

Real maple syrup is distilled from the sap of the sugar maple tree, and is made in the northeastern United States. Maine is famous for maple syrup. It is also made in the eastern Canadian provinces. (Remember, the flag of Canada shows a maple leaf!) Maple trees don't produce a lot of sap. The sap is mostly water. It has to be concentrated by boiling. It takes forty liters of sap to make a liter of syrup, so among other things the energy cost to the farmer is very high.

August 28, 2016
Hi, in Iran we drink one glass of tea or milk , and cheese,  jum or honey as Breakfast .
August 28, 2016

In my country(China), most of university students have their breakfast in the school canteen. The varieties of food really depend on different universities(or colleges). But usually we have steamed buns, pancakes, soybean milk and many other traditional food. Sometimes we also have hot dogs, bread with butter or jam and milk. I always drink coffee when I have my breakfast.

August 28, 2016
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