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help me please

I'm studying english since a 8 months now, and i'd like to find books to read or film/cartoons/tv series to watch in order to improve my skills. I'm at B1 level, so i want to find something else to understand, or a person who speak english well

Can you suggest me anything? 

Thank you :)

Aug 28, 2016 2:35 PM
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أنصحك تشوف الجروب ده و هتلاقى عليه كتب كتير وماتريال كتير عن التحضير لدخول ال 




لو ذاكرت من كتب التحضير للامتحانات دى هتلاقى مستواك تحسن كتير فى الانجليزى وكمان تقدر تشوف فديوهات موقع 

EngVid -Adam

لينك الجروب على الفيس :

وتقدر تسأل هناك هتلاقى اجابات كتير جدا 

بالتوفيق :)

August 28, 2016


You may like TED talks ( I find them useful.

As a TV series, I like to watch Elementary (a series with Sherlock Holmes). I also watched Suits but for me it got boring.

You can also  find interesting videos on Youtube like This is for B1 level.   - this is a dictionary, you need to write the word in English and you can also press the icon which is a speaker image and you can hear how the word is pronounced.

I hope they will help you!

Best regards!


August 28, 2016
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