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Which positive qualities would you wish for a child of yours?

The following are all positive qualities which parents may wish their children to have:

- beauty

- good health

- a calm and friendly personality

- energy and determination

- a brilliant scientific mind

- physical strenth and co-ordination

- originality and creativity.

Which four would you wish for a child or yours? You can add more to the list.

In my opinion, the most important thing is having a good health, of course, you can't do anything without that. Secondly, I would wish my children to have a calm and friendly personality. I think this is very important when you grow up. If you are a calm person, you are happier, because you take things as they come, I mean, you can face your problems in a better way. Besides, being friendly helps you in your personal relationships, And it also helps you in your job, not only when you are looking for it, but also when you already have one, as it makes your work environment better. And finally, I would wish my children to have energy and determination, to try to make their dreams come true, to fight for the things they want, to work hard to get it.

29 de Ago de 2016 às 13:41
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