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I need the help of language learners from all over the world.

I need your help for a new podcast episode of mine!

I want to cover the topic "Vocabulary acquisition". My goal is to produce the episode in an interesting way. That's why I try to find new ideas...

I'd like to make a chain of voice messages from different people from all over the world! That's why I ask you to tell me how you're learning new vocabulary. That can be only a few seconds if you want.  You could even speak it in your mother tongue. That would be totally fine! Or both in English and your mother tongue!  Feel free to say your name and Country as well.

The podcast is spoken in English by myself to improve my English. I've produced 13 episodes so far (20 sound pieces in total).

I've set up the recording stuff directly on my website mentioned below. You just need to click the "start recording" button.

I have originally set it up for people who want to ask me a language question. But it should do the trick for this purpose as well:

I hope you will help me out! If you need my help / advice for anything related to language learning, feel free to contact me. I speak German, French, English and Spanish.

See  (hear) you guys!!


29. Aug 2016 18:14
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Thank you very much for your help. Here is the first part of a vocabulary series. I used the audio messages to create an episode.

The link of the podcast is here:

Or directly on

11. September 2016
You are inspiration to language learners around the world.
2. September 2016

Nice one:)I liked it

Keep it up(Y)

Thank you:)

12. September 2016

Nice Idea:)(Y)

I'm ready to be a part of your idea and always ready to help:)

Thank you:)

31. August 2016
Great idea! I wonder if you need just a 90 second answer about the vocab or I can record a longer piece? Thank you.
31. August 2016
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