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English learners want to "learn and practice" the English language with other English learners.

Why do many English learners want to "learn and practice" the English language with other English learners too?

When I joined to italki I didn't know how it worked, I remember I sent messages to native English speakers and English learners (with high a level) but I just wanted to know how italki worked. I left using my italki account for many months, I had differents reasons, for example, my English at that time was worse than now, I didn't have enough patient for learning how to use it. 

I started over using italki many months ago, I have received a bunch of messages from English learners that I know they have more years using italki than me, some of them have an English worse than mine! So, what is the objective of using italki? Why they do that! I'm sick of that. I know some of them just want "hunter" or something like that (I don't know how to express that) but, I would like to know another opinions. 

Have a good day! 

Aug 30, 2016 9:58 PM
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I think that's because english is the most researched language here on italki. Native english people probably receive hundreds of messages and requests but they will respond to only a few of them. People who speak a language that not a lot of people want to learn never get answers that's why they try with english learners. 

That's my explanation it might be totally wrong though 

August 30, 2016

Maybe sometimes people don't want to or don't have money to spend it on language learning. For example, I'm trying to learn Japanese for free all my life and as far 8-9 years did some good but still I cannot say with confidence I can speak Japanese, rather that I have an idea about Japanese language - that's why I think sooner or later I will be forced to choose somebody here to become my teacher - not really forced to choose, rather force to pay for classes which make sense because that's why I'm on Italki as well.

Anyway, overall face to face conversations are good and that's why people do look for them and they probably ask you becuase of interesting profile or attractive pictures. Italki can be used in a different way - you can just find a language partner and enjoy foreign language journey missing grammar etc However, grammar lessons and conversations with teachers or community tutors seems to be the best options becuase being a native speaker doesn't mean you know how to teach somebody. That's why some people choose only teachers or community tutor to be taught by somebody who knows how to teach, how to explain, how to help and build a solid knowledge of foreign language. The others, as I said before try to find somebody attractive to talk to so the conversations won't be boring but I'm not sure how much of this it's really language learning or maybe it's just trying to make friends only. Anyway, learning a new language by meeting new people seems to be a lot of fun :) That's why so many people do it here :) Me too :D

August 31, 2016

Howdy ,

Well, in my point of view you can improve your English skill with non native speaker too. But may be you should find the partner who you can get along with. I mean here the partner who have the same personality just like you. Honestly , i have no experience with italki and i don't expect a lot. Surely, I've learned that the key of successful ist just to be patient. Take it easy.

August 31, 2016

Hello Everyone,

I'm here to practice English and make new friends. I would to practice English to develop my career as a Marketing Assistant and improve my negotiation skills, but also to develop my communication and pronunciation. 

I'm from Brazil.

August 31, 2016

Hello Sama,

I felt identified with part of your comment because I had the same problem that you, I never received replies from italki users but since I'm using italki frequently, I have realized that you have to persevere, being patient and kind, I'm sure you will find good partners. Try to do it, my recommendation is search for native speakers, teachers or people who have a high English level.

Good luck. 

August 30, 2016
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