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What are the things you like most about your native language and your target language?
31 sie 2016 00:28
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I believe my favourite point about my native language is one word with a wide range of meanings.In fact, in Cinese mandarin, a word often with 5 or 6 means.It;s amazing.

And in English(I want to learn) I think the most interesting point is logical think of speak.Like a person go down a stair.Step and step.And I think ite helpful for me to answer others question.

31 sierpnia 2016
Clemens, Katarina & Jesse -- thanks so much for your opinions!  I’m quickly becoming a “word nerd” and discover interesting, appealing, fascinating and frustrating things in my native and target language(s) daily!  It seems as if every language has its unique “ebb and flow.”  Some sound enticing to the ear while others may sound somewhat like a cacophony initially -- until knowledge reveals they’re more like a symphony.  Thanks to each of you for sharing!
31 sierpnia 2016

When I think of this question, I instantly think of how fun Portuguese is to speak. The accents, intonation, and the overall feel of the language make it very enjoyable to speak. When I try to learn a new language, I try to feel that language. For me, Portuguese is very easy to feel. I'm speaking mainly about Brazilian Portuguese where everything is overemphasized and the language can't go through your lips without moving your body at the same time.

Spanish is my target language right now and I like the same things about Spanish. Spanish feels suave. I like the way that words connect in Spanish; the flow and melody of the language give it relaxed yet passionate feel.

English, my native language, does not flow nearly as well as Spanish or Portuguese (especially for a gringo like me from the United States where almost every sound is fully pronounced). But, English, for better or for worse, is spoken in so many places throughout the world that it makes it an easy go to language to connect to people and culture. Building these connections is really why I started learning languages in the first place so I'm glad I had such a widely spoken language as a native tongue.        

31 sierpnia 2016

My native language is Serbian. I really like that it has no articles. Not having articles makes Serbian much nicer and easier to learn, although, at the same time, it makes it much more difficult for me to get the articles in other languages right. Still, I like it that Serbian has no articles, because, in my fully personal view, articles are silly, they don't make sense. Except for German articles, they are OK. I also like it that Serbian language uses the principle write as you speak and read as it is written, which means, one letter per sound. Although, I think this feature is slightly overvalued by many Serbian people who only compare to English crazy spelling and don't realize that many other languages are pretty close to Serbian in this respect, although not quite the same of course. Many people don't, but I do like it that Serbian language uses two different alphabets, because it makes it unique, and anyway, both alphabets are simple and easy to learn. And yes, pitch accent, that's quite special too, though, I'm not sure if I like it or not. It's hard to explain and if I had to learn Serbian as a second language I probably wouldn't like this particular feature.

I'm currently learning German actively. I'm sorry to say, there are not many things that I like about German language. I'll add later if I think of something. But I like to be positive and see it as a challenge. 

31 sierpnia 2016

I am learning German for about 3 to 4 months. I find it incredible, i don't know how to really explain it. It's a feeling of greatness in the language. The way the words are "made" (or formed), how it sounds, the strange racionality and the synta, all really amazing. And the other thing, is that I can talk with my relatives, most germans.

I haven't study too much of japanese but the great diference between all other languages is really facinating. (plus writing with caracters is really badass).

And I find the way that portuguese ( the brazilian variety) is formed kinda crazy, it's really complex and it's really (strangely) chill'out, if compared to the Portugal one.

31 sierpnia 2016
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