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"Disukai dia" atau "dia sukai"? Hello all, I want to ask a question. When using the passive voice with a 3rd person subject (except for mereka), is it necessary to always use the "di" passive verbs? For example, if I want to say "This is something he/she/my friend/etc. likes", would I have to say "Ini sesuatu yang disukai dia/temanku", or could I also say "Ini sesuatu yang dia/temanku suka"? I know with "you" and "me" this form is okay, and with "mereka" it is optional.
Aug 31, 2016 2:34 AM
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Hi Adam, it is not necessary to use the "di" prefix. You can say both of those sentences.

However, the first sentence needs correction. Although "disukai dia" is understandable, this phrase is uncommon. In passive sentence, use "-nya" instead "dia". It will be "disukainya". Optionally, you can add word "oleh" so it will be "disukai olehnya", they have same meaning  (liked by him).
September 2, 2016

Hi Adam.

I gotta say no, it is not necessary to use "di" since the sentences are not a passive form.

Both of those can be used and are understandable.

This is something he likes

- Ini sesuatu yang disukainya (literally: This is something liked by him)

- Ini sesuatu yang dia sukai

This is something he bought

- Ini sesuatu yang dibelinya (literally: This is something bought by him)

- Ini sesuatu yang dia beli

Terima kasih, semoga membantu :-)

August 31, 2016




October 1, 2016

I hope this is help you.

1st person singular = I = Aku  , prefix"ku"

1st person plural = We = Kami, Kita there is no prefix for kami and kita

example :

- this is our book, Jane. Ini buku (milik) kita, Jane.

2nd person singular = You, prefix "mu"

2nd person plural = Kalian , and there is no prefix for "Kalian"

3rd person singular = He/She = Dia , prefix "nya"

3rd person plural = They = Mereka ,  i think you should use "mereka"

example :

This book belongs them

Buku ini milik mereka

September 12, 2016
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