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"How is it?" And "What does he do?"

When I was at high school, my teacher said that: "How + be + Subject? is only used for asking someone's heath" and" What + do/does + Subject + do?" is only used for asking someone's job. 

That's why I felt confused when I made questions for these sentences. However I still used those structures to make questions. I don't know if it's right or wrong :/

1. It's a huge, blue and fast car. 

=> How is the car? 

2. He gives her the keys and says: OK!

=> What does he do? 

Aug 31, 2016 3:50 AM
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Your statements would not be natural ways to say things in English.

To ask about a description of a car, we would more likely say something like ¨What kind of car is it?¨ or ¨What is the car like?¨  Your teacher is right that ¨How is ____________?¨ is used to ask about health or proper functioning.  If someone asked me ¨How is the car?¨ I would think they were asking me if it was working properly or perhaps if it had been damaged in a wreck, not for a description of it.

To ask about what someone is in the process of doing right now, we would say ¨What is he doing?¨.  ¨What does he do?¨ is used mostly to describe occupations or, at the least, how someone habitually spends their time on a daily basis.


August 31, 2016
I got ya. Thanks so much Susan <333333
September 1, 2016
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