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中英成语/习语翻译 (Set Phrases Translation)

我喜欢收集一些习语的翻译。 在中英两种语言中,有些意思可以是相互相通的,只不过表达形式不一样。我自己在平时接触中收集了一些,但不确定是否准确,欢迎提意见和进一步补充。 

Pale in comparision to sth  小巫见大巫,相形见绌

at odds with / run counter to  背道而驰, 格格不入

inconsolable, grief-stricken   悲痛欲绝

to inflame  sth 火上加油

pretentious  自命不凡

gobble sth down  狼吞虎咽

the ship has already sailed  木已成舟

undisputed  无可争议

undamaged/unharmed/unscathed  毫发无伤

overbearing  飞扬跋扈

lingering  挥之不去

refreshing  耳目一新

undeterred   无所畏惧

sth weigh on sb   寝食难安

flawless   完美无瑕

to rave about sth  赞不绝口

stuck in limbo  进退两难

scoff at sth   嗤之以鼻

dismiss sth  不屑一顾

resourceful  足智多谋

unrepentant   顽固不化

unparalleled  举世无双

over the moon  欣喜若狂

a bolt from the blue   晴天霹雳

trip off the tongue  余音绕梁

down in the dumps  闷闷不乐

be far removed from  大相径庭

in a league of one's own   独领风骚,独孤求败

Aug 31, 2016 4:54 AM
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@JOY --  谢谢!:)

@Alan -- 呃,trip off the tongue似乎是跟“余音绕梁”有点差距,我也是在电视上看到这么翻的。trip off the tongue就是easy to say,翻译成“朗朗上口”好像更适合。

@Kenneth -- Alan的建议好,我太懒了!:)

October 1, 2016
我最喜欢的是我看神探夏洛克的时候,福尔摩斯在办案时说了一句 the water is deep。(水好深)。指的案情错综复杂,层出不穷
October 1, 2016

谢谢min!这些成语当然是应用的。但是我不太明白trip off the tongue是什么意思。

@Kenneth: You can download an extension for your browser that reveals pinyin when you hover your mouse over a character. The one I use is simply called “Zhongwen". It's available for several browsers, here's where you can download the chrome extension:

October 1, 2016
Can you add pinyin/pronunciation? I really like this list. Thank you :)
September 30, 2016
August 31, 2016
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