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Why do most people on italki first thing to ask Skype?

I am new in italki but I have met many such people. ( ̄_, ̄ )

Aug 31, 2016 5:23 AM
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Ciao Zoey, From my experience with social networking sites thus far, You must take caution when people are asking for your skype, email, phone number etc... especially if you are young. Take care and be safe
August 31, 2016
Because they are overly aggressive and might not be sincere in their language study. It doesn't mean all of them are, but unfortunately many men on this site are too cheap to pay for a membership to a dating site. Just make sure there is some degree of compatibility between their known and target languages to your own. Follow that up by seeing how active they are with discussions  and articles before the exchange of any personal information (ie: Skype, QQ, Kakaotalk). Good luck with your Italian study~ Unfortunately, when looking for a language partner you will need to pull out a few weeds.
August 31, 2016
Skype, Whatsapp etc are much more convenient for any kind of exchange than iTalki PMs.

"any" means any: these people might be
- exhibitionsits,
- people seeking virtual sex.
- people willing to flirt with you
- people interested in possible love relatinship with you.
- people interested in you as a possible friend or just as a person.
- people interested in chat with you.
- people who planned practicing a language, but forgot about this after noticing a pretty girl before them.
- people who planned practicing a lnaguage, but find it easier to flirt, becasue not many people know HOW to do language exchange (Seriously).
- people interested in practicing English with you
- people interested in language exchange.

Unfortunately, for each of these things Skype fits better (especially for the first two and the last two!:))))
You will meet ALL listed sorts of people here!

The rarest types are exhibitionists. Those ready for an actual language exchange are not too common too, I think, given that you are a Chinese person learning english. Others are nothing unique.

As to language exchange, i'd say, Whatsapp and some other tools are often better than Skype).
I avoid proposing it first... But when I found a good language partner we moved to Skype immediately.
August 31, 2016

Skype is a good tool to do voice call or even video call.

I added some italki friends on Skype too, just 'keep in touch'.Never have chance to practice oral English,etc.Still I agree with you that opening camera is not necessary.

But I don't add any stranger now due to the reasons others have mentioned. And It seems Wechat and QQ are really popular these years.

August 31, 2016

@Carlo Are you quite sure that skype contact cannot be used for any sort of phishing or identity theft? I don't really know all the details of how it works and all that they can do exactly, and I would really appreciate an explanation to why skype is safe and email is not. I am seriously concerned about cyber crime, and I know for a fact that there are some people who collect vast amounts (thousands) of skype contacts here on italki with no intention of exchanging languages, or even flirting. They only target younger females who provide their photos on italki, and prefer women from certain countries to others. They ask for your skype contact in the first message.

@Zoéy You should only exchange skype contacts with people you actually plan to talk to on skype. Exchange a couple of messages first to see if they are the right partner for you, if they are serious about language learning, if their language level is good enough to help you improve, if you have something to talk about. Only when you agree to have a conversation, end preferably after you schedule this conversation, exchange your skype details. This will drastically reduce the number of people who will have your skype contact, and the associated risks.

August 31, 2016
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