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Correct my essay, please
I've just a blog post about "Internet everywhere" literally, It's a proposal to keep my entire city like a big internet ball, You can acess to internet wherever you where by free wireless . It's a technology iniciative which can be very useful, because currently the world is working in function to internet, mainly in greats countries like USA or Brazil. I totally agree with this initiative, it's a really great idea. We are all connected the whole time. Firstly, we could never depends on mobile internet (3G) for surfing on the internet outside home, work and etc, Secondly, probabily, we could have a faster internet than mobile internet in anywhere.

In my opinion, this idea should became real, it's an excellent initiative for my city, and I think it can also be amazing to anothers cities, But I also think the proposal should be planned so hard to be able to offer a quality service.

What does the citizens of a great city like São Paulo think about it ?
Aug 31, 2016 9:07 PM
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