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How Often Do You Speak English As a native German speaker about 98% of my everyday conversations are in German, 2% of them are in English. I really only speak English for when I'm speaking to foreigners who can't speak German at work, and if someone who can't speak German asks me for directions or something when they come here to Germany then I use English in that situation, but apart from those two instances I rarely speak English even to my foreign friends they have learned how to speak German all most fluently so I never speak in English to them. What is your native language and if you can speak English how often do you speak English in your everyday life? Are you like me and only use English when needed and don't use it much, or do you speak an equal amount of your native tongue and English?
Sep 1, 2016 3:45 PM
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Katarina: That's good that some are willing to speak Italian to you because they know you're fluent I don't see why some won't but maybe they prefer English who knows. And yeah foreign friends are already fluent in German so I feel no need to speak English to them and even with people who are beginning to learn German I'll speak it to them if they want me to and translate things into English because I have had many people say they find it easier to learn German once they actually come here to Germany or another German speaking country and hear the natives speak it so they can learn it, so yeah I'll speak it to beginners if they want me to, but if it gets to complicated for them then I'd used English until they say otherwise.

Pedro Simões: I have no problem speaking English to people who come here to Germany and can't speak German, although I do hope they learn how to speak it at some point if they intend on living here so I can speak it to them. As I said I'm already fluent in English and have no problem understanding it, reading it, listening to it, or speaking or writing it, so it's not like I'm learning how to speak English I already know how to fluently. I just feel that here in my own country (Germany) where the language is German that being a native from here I should be allowed to speak my own language in my own country if I choose to, and I do. Like I said I have no problem speaking English when I have to at work or whatever but since everyone I'm close to knows how to speak English already and I don't live in a English speaking country nor have I ever been to an English speaking country then I should be able to speak German as much as I like.


September 2, 2016
I use English everyday on the internet. Two years ago I began to read almost exclusively in English because if I read in Portuguese I can't get that many results. I also speak it everyday with my father because he is learning it.  I speak English as often as I can, no matter whether I need or not. In my English class, other students talk to the teacher in Portuguese, but I don't. My neighbor is Canadian and I speak English with her, even though she can speak Portuguese too...
September 1, 2016

Luan da Costa Silva Cool so you only use English when needed like I do.

Raquel Hola, si aqui en Germany la mayoría de nosotros puede hablar Inglés para avanzar en los niveles, y aprendemos Inglés como segunda idioma. Es sólo que yo personalmente no tengo ganas de hablar Inglés a menos que tengo que, prefiero hablar en German con mis familia y mis amigos. Y sólo habla Inglés al hablar con las personas que no pueden hablar en German Sé que otro Germans que hacer esto también , hablan en German a su familia y amigos y solo habla Ingles cuando necesario. Si Germany es muy avanzado en Ingles pero eso no implica que utilizamos Inglés todo el tiempo aquí , algunos de nosotros , como yo realmente no quiero hablar Inglés a menos que si tenemos que. Pero hay algunos de nosotros que realmente le gusta hablar mucho Inglés así que todo depende de la persona, Yo sólo me refiero a mí mismo y mi preferencia personal para hablar en German y solo habla en Ingles cuando necesario. Esto no se refiere a todos nosotros Germans sólo yo y mi preferencia personal :) y lo siento por mi mala Espanol hice lo mejor que pude.

Valhalla's Son: Cool man whatever works for you!

September 1, 2016
Hey! I'm from Spain and like you i only can use the english for talk with people who doesn't know Spanish at all or turists who need help. In Spain the most younger generation is starting to be more proper in english but the most part of the poblation don't know how to have a conversation in other languaje than the Spanish or the second languaje depending of what autonomous comunity they live. I thought Germany was advanced in english like the society usually talk in english as a second languaje!
September 1, 2016
Tatyana -
Здравствуйте, да небольшой город с не так много посетителей могут играть в ваши знания английского языка. но я уверен, что говорить с этим человеком из Пекина на английском языке помогло улучшить свои знания английского. жаль , что мой русский ужасен.

September 2, 2016
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