Selfish people

I just was remembering a man who I met here. He speaks the English language and learns the Spanish language so, we had to do a language exchange, right? 50% Spanish-50% English, that was the fair and he knew it. We had two conversations. In the first, we talked about 20 minutes and the second talked about 5 minutes but, the stressful, funny and unfair situation was that he just wanted to speak the Spanish! I tried showing him that we had to practice 50% of English (for me) and 50% of Spanish (for him) but he never stopped talking and it was funny too because he wanted to talk like Cubans and his sounded really bad (I don't want to mean Cuban talk bad, just he wanted to imitate) and he also said "I know I have a high level but I need to practice". On my mind, I just wanted to call off the call, I invented something and I could call off.

Then, I thought "the next time we have to talk just the English" so, the next time that he messaged me I accept to talk with him and when we started I was about to say him what we have to do (because I wanted to be fair) and suddenly, he stared talking just the Spanish again... I couldn't believe that! Immediately, I realized the same situation would happen so, I just call of the call without a reason and removed him. Is that a happy final? I think so haha but I wasted my time in the first call.

We have to be fair with our partners!

What would you do in this kind of situations? 

1 Th09 2016 22:32
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1 tháng 9 năm 2016
Es injusto. "Ve al baño" y desaparece. Jaj
1 tháng 9 năm 2016
Estoy de acuerdo con vos. Es mejor ni hablar a gente como así ni darles pretextos para no hablarles. Por eso creo que uno debe conocer la otra person con quien va a hablar para que se evite cosas como así.
1 tháng 9 năm 2016
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