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Will robots be predominating human thinking in the future as if it was shown in a movie of "Terminator"? Will the robots control the human world and let human beings have to work as a slave just like playing in a movie of "Terminator"?  otherwise, do you think robots will be human best friends to take over much of hard works with risks and tedious daily routines  some day in the future? Do you consider robots will have their thinking and become conscious of themselves as though they worked like a Skynet played in the movie of "Terminator" (starred by Arnold Schwarzinger)?  
Sep 1, 2016 11:55 PM
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or is it possible to see the robots will serve human as much as we wish without side effects? (for example: muscle atrophy, no sex..etc) 
December 5, 2016
Not like in the Terminator films, I hope! But you're right, artificial AI was listed as a threat in a report I read only yesterday, with an expected date like 2030 or 2050 or something. The climate threat is a bigger worry right now, I believe. Everyone who is young must make decisions for themselves how they plan to cope with this issue when they grow older. A lot of people, sadly, will come to the conclusion that their best option, although a bad one, is to jump into skimpy rubber dinghies and set out across the seas. Now when you mention Arnold Schwarzenegger he has made several speeches on this, here is one
September 2, 2016
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