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Hello community.

I am checking an IELTS Listening practice test that I've just done, and have faced these "mistakes". Would these be really considered errors in an official test?

- The person speaking indicates a precise date: "that'd be the twenty-second of October". My answer is "22nd October"; the solution is "22 October".

- The speaker is giving indications about the nearest bus stop: "The nearest one would probably be just beside the library". The answer sentence is: "Nearest bus stop: near to ....................". The exercise allows up to THREE words &/or a number. I've written "the library". The solution states just "library".

- A person is speaking about things that can threaten whales. She says: "A growing concern is that loud noises in the ocean cause strandings. Noises such as those caused by military exercises are of particular concern and have been pinpointed as the cause of some strandings of late." The answer sentence is: "................. from military tests are linked to some recent strandings". I could have written up to TWO words. My answer: "Loud noises"; the solution is just "Noises".

Aside from the first one, which I think is truly an error, I don't see why the other two should be seen as mistakes. What do you think. Did you have similar experiences?

Sep 2, 2016 9:24 AM
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Nothing? :\
September 2, 2016
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