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Sometimes, ...words...but...word...
Sometimes, a lot of nice words are powerless to express our sincere gratitude, our true love, and our nice feelings,but only harsh word is powerful  to destroy a lot of nice things. 

What do you think of this issue ? 

Thanks in advance :)
Sep 2, 2016 5:52 PM
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Of course, harsh words, rude attitudes able to destroy any good relationship. Love and relationship means trust, and nice behave. sometime we can be angry to our love ones, some time problem can comes in a relationship, but no one should be rude. God giving us so much love, even we don't deserve that much love but God giving us, he never be rude with us, not for a single moment. we are abusing him, saying lots of things against him, insulting him, in reply he never behave bad with us. Look at our mother, she is also takes every pain quietly but never response. because she loves us. but what we are doing. we use harsh words, hard words, for little happiness. we destroy relationship for our little happiness. We forgets very easily the love we got from a person. when something goes against us, we just behave rude. its not fair. i think we can't win any heart, any true love with rude behave, may be we can be happy for few days or month or years. but for ultimate true love we need to learn to respect and behave good. 
September 2, 2016

You are absolutely right:)

It takes month and year to build a sweet and amicable relation,but it hardly takes any hour to break it.So definitely,it's the words and expressions which define our behaviour and decide our life period of our relationship.

And yes, a word is more powerful than anything in this world.It has two avatars one is bitter and other is sweet.and with bitterness one can break hearts but with sweetness, one can buy hearts of so many people.

So it's up to us, what are we going to yearn for??But I think being sweet is good:)

So say sweet,stay sweet:)

Thank you:)

September 2, 2016
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