My Wife Can’t Hear! An old man goes to the doctor. He complains that his wife can’t hear.
“You need to test your wife. Stand far behind her and ask her a question. Then, start going closer to her. You will see how close you’ll get when she hears you.”
The old man is happy that he can help his wife. He runs home. He sees that his wife is making dinner.
“Honey!” the man says standing 20 feet away.
“What are we having for dinner?” he asks.
The wife doesn’t reply. The man tries again. He stands 15 feet away, but there is no answer.  He stands 10 feet away and asks again. No answer.
Finally, he is 5 feet away, “Honey, what are we having for dinner?”
“I’ve told you four times! Lasagne!”
Sep 2, 2016 8:23 PM
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"Good!", the doctor replies."Now that we've fixed your sense of smell, let's work on your hearing."
September 3, 2016
I'm reminded of this short comedy sketch, called "The Vow of Deafness". :)
September 3, 2016
<p>Hello. It is a very funny joke. I really enjoyed.:)))Thank you. </p><p>
</p><p>I want to translate and to share a short joke about two people who can't hear.</p><p>Two deaf people meet in the street</p><p>First one asks : Do you go to market?</p><p>Another man answers: No I go to market.</p><p>First say: It is really wonderful. It seemed to me  you go to market.</p>
September 3, 2016
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