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Katherine Velliquett
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Topic of the Day: Friends

Today social media is riding high on the trend line. The more "friends" you have, the better! Or is it really?

What do you think is better - having many friends, or having a few close ones? Are friends just a social convenience, or a genuine commitment? Personally I feel it takes much time and effort to develop a good friendship. Putting another's interests ahead of your own and unselfishly giving of yourself forges strong bonds between people. And the more you give of yourself, the more one will be moved to reciprocate.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic. Also, if you are interested in an audio and/or video discussion in English, feel free to check out my page at and request a lesson. I look forward to meeting you!

Sep 2, 2016 10:17 PM
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I think a few close friends are better than many friends, it's take long time to make a friendship and a few days to destroy it. So, instead of disappoint myself several times, I just have a friendships with a few people who deserve my kind, my effort, and my time. I love them and they love me, it's like we make our life easy to live.
September 3, 2016

I prefer to make friends in reality,because i think it is more reliable and i like communicating with others face to face.I don't wanna have many many friends,some who have lots in commom are enough.In my life,i have a few good friends and two of them are my best friends and i treat them as my family members.Although we are far away from each other studying in different universities in different cities,we just meet each other twice a year,our friendship is still very good.we hardly chat using social media,just sometimes.when we miss each other,we just call.

we can't deny that we can make some good friends on the Internet and I did it ,too.But i love my friends in reality more and i really very appreciate it.

Having good interpersonal relationships does good to both our life and work,but it doesn't mean the more friends,the better.As far as i am concerned,the less is more.some friends who know about me and we can talk about every topic,some goals and lots of interests,i can do what i want ,that's my happiness.

September 3, 2016

Hello EnglishGeek,

Thank you for your question. No matter what time of day it is, you will always use the word "of." The word "of" is used to indicate connection or association with something. For example, my topic is associated with the day it was written on.

In most cases, the word "off" is used to indicate removal of something from something else, or something has ceased functioning.

September 4, 2016

Katy, I'm just wondering, by the end of the day, may I say  "the topic off the day" instead "the topic of the day"?


September 3, 2016
A few close ones, to me friendship is very much commitment, you can hang out with anyone but true friendship is a requirement that not everyone can commit to. 10 close friends is better than like 30 people you'd only see at a bar or a party or whatever in my opinion, those only "social conventions" people are not people you can get close to and have a tight bond with in my opinion. The people you can get ahold of when you need them are true friends willing to commit to the friendship whereas a group of people you may only see at a party and never hear from otherwise are not true friendship people.
September 3, 2016
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