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Which is the most typical Chinglish (Chinese dialect of English) you ever heard

This is a serious topic, don't laugh at people making such mistakes. They need help.

Which is the most typical Chinglish (Chinese dialect of English)  you ever heard or saw in italki? especially on the grammatical problem or the pronunciation (or related to culture). Show other asian dialects of English such as Japanese or Koren English if it is helpful.

For example, "I only can speak a little English" or "My English is poor" that means "I am not good at English".

Sep 3, 2016 6:25 AM
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"How are you?" "Just so-so" (the listener will interpret that as "I'm a bit miserable")

I want to learn knowledge about English

Wait a moment (a calque of 等一下, a more natural way to say it is "just a moment")

Chinese food is very delicious

 (In delicious, famous and many other words that end with the "fit" vowel: the last vowel changes into the "bird" vowel, so "delicious" sounds like "delishers")

Also for some  reason "usually" is a hard word to pronounce for Chinese. It comes out sounding like "yuralee"

September 3, 2016
such as my heart will go on and on
September 4, 2016

Another is overuse of more and more/~er and ~er to describe change. Chinese repeats 越 in 越来越X, so the speaker wants to repeat the adjective in English, eg. The soup is getting hotter and hotter.

Using the same word twice implies a slow and gradual change (in the example above, it might mean the soup is heating very slowly overseveral houra). If you want  to be more neutral just use one adj, the soup is getting hotter

September 3, 2016
I still very thanks to you.              I think that person wanted to tell me that they were still very grateful.
September 3, 2016
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